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Though your Beginning was Small...

"Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end shall greatly increase" (Job 8:7).

God has brought us through 34 years in the ministry! 34 years ago, I was slain in the Spirit on a Wednesday night in a church service, and the Lord spoke to me, "Son, I need you in My service!" Hema heard the same words at the same time from the Lord! The Lord promised: "If you do what I command you to do, you do not have to ask anyone anything but I WILL PROVIDE for you in all that I have called you to do." God kept His promise, as we kept our obedience to Him.

We began small in our home prayer meeting on September 23, 1989, but we have grown a bit more. We will enter our 10th year at the Global Prayer Center next week. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

We thank you for your prayers and faithfulness all these years. Join us for prayer next week at GPC as we celebrate the goodness of God and dedicate ourselves to Him in His continuous service.

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