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Keep Your Love Fresh!

Keep Your Love Fresh!

(Hema Jeyaseelan)

Keep your love fresh towards God,

towards your spouse,

towards your children,

and towards people.

Every human being has a normal body temperature to function properly. When your temperature increases because of sickness, you intentionally try to bring it down. Once it returns to normal, you function well again. Likewise, when your body temperature drops, your heart, nervous system, and other organs cannot work optimally. Immediate medical attention is needed to regulate your temperature. Both drastic increases and decreases in body temperature need medical attention, and if not addressed properly, can lead to death.

In the same way, we must maintain a normal, steady, and healthy relationship with God, our spouse, and people.

In your relationship with God never forget the experience you had on the day you became His and He became yours. The day Jesus became your personal Savior, and the cross became so personal to you. The joy of being redeemed, and the freedom of all your sins being forgiven. You were given a new garment to attend the wedding feast (Matthew 22:10-11). Do not ever lose that joy because our Savior paid a heavy and dear price for that.

So, when your relationship with God seems lackluster, sour, and tasteless, remember the day of your salvation. With all your might and strength pull yourself up (I Samuel 30:6). Call upon Him to be restored to that place of love, joy, and adoration for Him.

In your relationship with your spouse, remember the love of your youth. The excitement and joy in seeing that person, the conversation you had with each other, and allow these to be your measuring stick. Seek to maintain that excitement. Wine (joy) will run out but when you realize you are running out of wine, seek Him. Your obedience will make water into wine and bring forth a joyful marriage (John 2:7-8).

In all the relationships God has graciously given you, forgive, release the pain, encourage yourself, and march toward joy and happiness. Keep the spiritual temperature of your home normal and stable to receive the blessings of God as Adam and Eve walked with God in the “cool of the day” (Genesis 3:8).

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